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A Walk to Remember in Ibiza – Hiking Around

Spring is upon us and the magic of Ibiza sends locals and tourists alike for a walk around the island. Hiking is very popular here, and everything is green, with trees blossoming and flowers spreading everywhere on the ground. A delight! While most of us have favorite spots for walking, biking and hiking, we present

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Discovering Formentera

With spring around the corner, Ibiza enthusiasts want no more than to go out discovering the beauty that lies around the island—and one of the hidden gems of this area is Formentera. This corner of paradise with crystal clear waters and exquisite restaurants does justice to the Mediterranean Sea and is crowded with tourists every

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The Coastline of San Jose

The south part of Ibiza harbors one of the most magical places you will ever set foot on, the coast of San Jose. The island and beaches scattered along it are extraordinarily beautiful and the waters are great for water sports lovers. Evenings spent here can also be wonderful, having a wide range of restaurants

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Find the Perfect Ibiza Villa

In this day and age, where offer surpasses the demand, it’s not easy to find the perfect Ibiza villa for your vacation. But through smart decisions and thorough information digging, you just might get that one place that’s meant to be yours!  Let a Specialist Find the Perfect Ibiza Villa for You While nobody knows

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Ibiza All Year Round

While you might think Ibiza is only for hot summers at the beach, this amazing island is pretty much alive through all seasons. If you want to experience the true beauty of Ibiza, you can also come visit us in winter. We promise you’ll be surprised! Ibiza All Year Round Yes, you heard that. Ibiza

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