Ibiza All Year Round

Ibiza All Year Round

While you might think Ibiza is only for hot summers at the beach, this amazing island is pretty much alive through all seasons. If you want to experience the true beauty of Ibiza, you can also come visit us in winter. We promise you’ll be surprised!

Ibiza All Year Round

Yes, you heard that. Ibiza split its seasons in two, and the weather does that too, amazingly enough! Summer is for tourists showing up from all corners of the world to experience the music, the beaches, and all the fun Ibiza has the offer; winter is for the ones who truly wish to get to know the island. Its perks and hidden treasures are easily discovered once you get familiar with the places and the locals. People here are generous and boasting with energy no matter the season, and that should rub on you too soon enough!

Summer Season in Ibiza

May to October, the Ibiza summer reminds us every year life is not all about work and worries. Just stepping off the plane and breathing in the sweet, salty Ibiza air reminds us of a freedom long forgotten, the freedom of spirit and mind.

Days are sunny and skies are clear, with the eventual summer storm now and then. Other than that, the coast is clear for fun, fun, fun out in the open! There are many things to explore and enjoy in summer around the island, from festivals to concerts and specific gatherings. And, of course, there’s the beach and the beautiful sea calling you to lose yourself in its waves. And since it couldn’t be summer without a specific dose of laziness in sight, there are plenty of places where you can just sit back and relax while sipping on a cold drink and chatting with friends. No worries in the world in our Ibiza summer!

Ibiza’s Mild Winters

Winter comes to Ibiza only in name, or so it appears most of the years. With its mild climate, the island does not lose the green magic of its flora even when temperatures drop, making this the perfect place for people who are not particularly fond of cold weather.

We agree that most of us prefer the lively atmosphere summer brings about, with all the DJ’s showing up and parties happening all around. But winter brings so much more to the table, by letting everything settle down and revealing the unknown face of Ibiza. The face the locals know and love, full of specific events, fairs and local customs. I believe that once you’ve spent a winter in Ibiza, you might seriously consider getting a place here—that’s how great is the island’s magic this season.

No matter when you decide to drop by, the island will be right here waiting for you. Should you decide to experience Ibiza all year round, make sure you don’t leave any loose ends back home—for you could very much like to stay a while.

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