Traveling with kids?

Many people think that travelling with children is a challenging experience, especially if you are looking to have a relaxing vacation.

Everything you need

Your vacation can help you experience the joy of going on a family trip to exciting destinations such as Ibiza. How it is possible, you might ask? Well, with our help, you could hire a babysitter in Ibiza to watch over your children, while you go out and have fun for a few hours.

We can provide you with trustworthy and professional babysitting services. We know how important professional childcare is and will make sure that you receive the best service for your family. Ibiza babysitting services are available 24/7, quickly responding to your needs. Still, just to be sure, try to make reservations 24-48 hours in advance.

Hourly Rates

25 €/h max 2 children*
35 €/h max 4 children*
*minimum 4 hours

More then 4 children? Contact us!

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