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Hire private security to watch over your vacation home or family members and stay safe during your stay in Ibiza.

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You might wonder what does security has to do with Ibiza? Well, you might be surprised of how much these private security services matter in Ibiza. For all those who have decided to rent or even purchase a villa on this spectacular island, takes on the job of securing the premises. With our highly professional and trustworthy services, your goods and well as yourself and your family are secured, kept away from any misfortune situations.  No one would think of security when in Ibiza because on this island, everything is entertainment.

Luckily, we, at, do consider your each and every need and know that in order to enjoy your stay, someone else has to watch over your goods, as well as your family members, when it is necessary. Everything develops in a simple manner.  By contacting us, can provide you with the services of a professional and highly competent guard force.

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Price: 25 €/h*
*minimum 4 hours

Contact: 00 34 722 486 052

Available 24/7

Services is just the partner you need for your stay in Ibiza, no matter how long or short it might be, to be completely free of displeasing situations.

  • continuous surveillance of the premises;
  • quick response to emergencies;
  • fire prevention, safeguarding the clients, as well as their goods and complying with all requests in terms of pieces of equipment and supplies made in the solicitation.

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