Discovering Formentera

Discovering Formentera

With spring around the corner, Ibiza enthusiasts want no more than to go out discovering the beauty that lies around the island—and one of the hidden gems of this area is Formentera. This corner of paradise with crystal clear waters and exquisite restaurants does justice to the Mediterranean Sea and is crowded with tourists every year.

A Day in Formentera

It’s extremely easy to get to Formentera, and if you don’t want to depend on anyone, simply hire a boat. That way you can travel as you wish and spend as much time there as possible. You can also take a boat that makes daily trips between Formentera and Ibiza. And don’t think the fun starts only once you set foot on the island! No. The trip there is marvelous, the views are to die for and you can even admire the Posidonia this area is famous for in the waters around Formentera.

Once you get there, you can either hire a car or even better, a bike, since the island is rather small and best enjoyed at a slower pace. And don’t forget your bathing suit! Formentera has beautiful beaches you can enjoy together with friends or your loved one. Come to think of it, the magic of the place does make it perfect for a romantic getaway! Just imagine, a day a the beach, followed by a great dinner in a luxury restaurant that oversees the Mediterranean, with a beautiful sunset in the background and all the beauty of the sea surrounding you.

You can choose beach Illetas to suntan, a wild beach surrounded by water on both sides, grab a bite at one of the restaurants during lunch and then head to Ses Salines Nature Reserve, which is famous for its flora and fauna. Also, the hidden coves and wonderful cliffs around the island are a sight to behold, so take time to visit at least the cliffs of La Mola and Cap of Barbaria, as well as the whimsical port of Es Calo and the creek of Cala Salona.

There are a lot of spots where you can watch the sunset, and any of them you might choose, it is going to be an unforgettable experience! The restaurants here are extremely well-seen and they serve delicious dishes throughout the day, so come prepared and with an empty stomach! You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything yummy!

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