The Coastline of San Jose

The Coastline of San Jose

The south part of Ibiza harbors one of the most magical places you will ever set foot on, the coast of San Jose. The island and beaches scattered along it are extraordinarily beautiful and the waters are great for water sports lovers. Evenings spent here can also be wonderful, having a wide range of restaurants you can choose from.

The amazing San Jose coastline

Calla d’Hort is one of the much-appreciated beaches of San Jose. The views here are magnificent, Cala d’Hort facing Es Vedra and portraying it in all its beauty. The restaurants here are amazing, and if you are a gourmand you will appreciate every dish at its true value.

Cala Comte bewitches its visitors with rich turquoise waters and white sands while giving them a perfect spot to watch the sunset from. Oh, and how Ibiza knows to impress with its sunsets! Here you can also find a nudist beach, for those of you wanting to feel free as the wind and forget about those pesky tan lines.

The village of Es Cubells is the perfect spot to admire a big part of Ibiza and the Mediterranean Sea, from a slightly elevated plane. Situated on cliffs, Es Cubells also has a few restaurants you can enjoy a good meal at, as well as the beautiful Ibiza views.

The cove of Cala Jondal comes into the picture with modern clubs, bars and restaurants, adding a touch of glamour to the wilderness of the San Jose coastline. The atmosphere here is extremely colorful, Cala Jondal being highly frequented by yachts and boats coming from all around the island.

Ses Salinas‘ fame precedes it, being appreciated for its shallow, clear waters and sandy beach. The natural park that holds it within its premises is beautiful and wild, but the beach is filled with tourists, celebrities and luxury bars.

Last, but not least, Porroig, a small hidden bay on the San Jose coastline is the ideal place to relax. With a calm atmosphere, Porroig attracts nautical sports enthusiasts looking for both fun and relaxation.

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