A Walk to Remember in Ibiza – Hiking Around

A Walk to Remember in Ibiza – Hiking Around

Spring is upon us and the magic of Ibiza sends locals and tourists alike for a walk around the island. Hiking is very popular here, and everything is green, with trees blossoming and flowers spreading everywhere on the ground. A delight! While most of us have favorite spots for walking, biking and hiking, we present you three of the most sought-after places for these activities during spring.

Ibiza’s Old Port

The quarters in Ibiza’s old port, also called Barrio de la Marina, has beautiful shops and restaurants you can visit and relax in. Typical for the old town, here you can also find special markets you can roam around, as well as Sant Elm’s church, which is great to visit. With the opening of clubs, the streets of the neighborhood grow more lively, being packed with street-shows and dancers, even if there’s no festival around.

Pla de Corona

If you’ve never heard of Pla de Corona yet, you simply must make time to visit it! Located in the village of Santa Ines, this great spot for walking and biking is amazing all year round, offering magnificent views and landscapes. Imagine having a quiet picnic, surrounded by nature, while looking upon the beauty of Ibiza. What a treat!

Cala Conta

You’ve all heard of the famous Cala Conta beach area, but you must know it is not only beautiful mid-season. Being designated a natural park, Cala Conta’s landscape offers tourists the perfect place to hike. Its many paths along the coastline will guide you near fishermen’s huts and magical forests, right to the famous stone tower. Torre d’en Rovira is great if you want to admire San Antonio and Cap Nono, having been a defense tower in the old times.

Hiking is healthy and is a great way to spend your morning or afternoon if you want to get to know Ibiza up closely. Take your pick—we’ve got plenty of beautiful places waiting for you to discover them rock by rock.


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