October in Ibiza

October in Ibiza

Even though summer is long over, we can’t say the same about the partying going on in October in Ibiza. Also, is the weather helps—and it usually does—you will have lots of fun outdoors; take it all in this October! Whether you visit the hidden nooks and crannies of the island or attend a closing party at a famous Ibiza club, just have fun.

Weather in October in Ibiza

With the summer season coming to an end, the average temperature on the island is around 21°C; it slowly goes down toward the end of the month, but don’t fret! You can easily get 25°C temperatures during the day, and even 28°C on the best days of October. When it comes to precipitation, you might want to grab a raincoat on your way out. You can experience moderate rain through the end days of the month, but nothing to worry about, really. You will be pleasantly surprised to know you can still enjoy a dip or two. The sea temperature in October in Ibiza tends to stick around to 22°C; that’s quite pleasant for swimming and we promise you won’t get too cold afterward.

Closing Parties

October is a great month to be in Ibiza. Why is that, you might ask? Well, most of the closing parties for all the famous bars, cafes and clubs around the island take place now. You will get the chance to see internationally-renowned DJ’s, artists, and performers from around the world and party until dawn; some parties get really wild and creative, so you’ll definitely have some stories for when you get back home! Nevertheless, since we’ve long established Ibiza does not resume to a continuous rave, this is not all there is. There are plenty of other things October reserves for us to do while on the island.

October Activities

October in Ibiza has in store for us a number of things, from festivals and fairs to seasonal activities everyone enjoys, tourists and locals alike. We have the Ibiza Burlesque Festival where international DJs and artists will showcase their talent. Also, for a whole week, we can marvel at Japan’s unique culture, during Japan Week this month. Packed with workshops, rituals and demonstrations, this cultural week has something for the whole family, so head on over! For the more environmentally involved of us, we have the Festival Save Posidonia; everyone who participates can help save the Posidonia plant that’s currently under threat. We won’t forget about the Ibiza Light Festival, where various places on the island are engulfed in wonderfully creative shows of light.

Other than festivals we have countless activities to get ourselves involved in, like hiking, cycling, participating in Ibiza’s 10th Trail Marathon, enjoying the best food on the island at Ibiza Food Factory gathering or simply exploring the island’s lesser-known paths. Whatever you decide to do, we’re sure you’ll have lots of fun; because let’s admit it, Ibiza is anything but boring, any time of the year.

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