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Ibiza is back in 2021

One of the reasons many of you have waited for the start of 2021 is so that you can finally look forward to your Ibiza holiday. And that’s why we should leave 2020 behind, and start planning! Even though last year was a tough one for tourism, fear not! Ibiza is bound to be back

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Ibiza, the perfect vacation for everyone

There is certainly something special about Ibiza that attracts youth. The very burst of life in every nook and cranny of the island, the loud music everywhere and the crazy parties all around make the youngest of us dream of never-ending nights clubbing and having fun. But Ibiza is not all about that. There is

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Ibiza in the Off-Season

Even though the season is long gone and the party goers have left the island, Ibiza is still a beautiful place to spend your vacation, even off-season. Everything is calmer, there is more space to roam around and the locals tend to go about their business as usual. Maybe you can stay here and pretend

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The Best Time to Visit Ibiza in 2018

While the island is always a pleasure to explore, the best time to visit Ibiza in 2018 might depend on your travel schedule and preferences. Summer is yet to come, but there are still plenty of things to do in Ibiza in spring, too. The bars, coffee-shops, and restaurants start opening come April and May

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Ibiza Winter Holidays

Have you ever considered giving a change to Ibiza winter holidays? Spending this time of year on the island can be really fun and rewarding! You can opt for either family time or wild partying with your friends; either will turn out great. Ibiza Winter Holidays Weather The first thing you’ll be worried about is,

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