Ibiza Car Services by Ibifast

Ibiza Car Services by Ibifast

The one thing you absolutely need while on the island is to get around unencumbered with the help of professional Ibiza car services. Ibifast offers you that and more!

Ibiza car services – Car Transfer

Even from your first step on the island, we are there to welcome you and take you to your villa. A professional driver will take you to your villa or apartment in Ibiza in utmost comfort, in a luxury car that suits your needs. You will get there in time, our drivers make sure they take only the best routes! You can take advantage of our car transfer service in other circumstances as well. Whether you want to go shopping and want to be picked up afterward or you are heading to dinner to one of the luxury restaurants on the island, Ibiza car transfer services by Ibifast is here to accompany you.

Ibiza car services – Personal Driver

If you have rented a car on the island but you don’t want to drive it, trust Ibiza car services by Ibifast. You can always hire one of our personal drivers to drive your car wherever on the island. This way you can also enjoy the parties and clubs that rave until morning and get home safe. It would be a shame not to be able to enjoy Ibiza’s nightlife just because you have to drive. Our personal driver services come with or without a car, therefore it’s customer’s pick. Whatever you think suits you best, we have it!

Ibiza car services – Car rental

If you enjoy driving even while on vacation, then our car rental services are the thing for you. We can rent out any of our cars for your enjoyment on the island. We have a wide selection of automobiles, ranging from sexy two-seaters to luxury vans. This way you can choose the perfect car for you depending on circumstances. Whether you’re roaming around with your whole family, a group of friends or just with your partner, Ibiza car services by Ibifast has what it takes to satisfy your needs.

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