Event Planning in Ibiza

Event Planning in Ibiza

When it comes to parties and event planning in Ibiza, you can rely on us to have everything covered. From choosing the venue to catering, sound and props, Ibifast has everything you need.

Planning ahead

Any event or party needs some planning ahead, and there is certainly no doubt about that. We welcome your inquiries and encourage you to ask anything beforehand; this way we can make sure the outcome is exactly what you wished for. With a simple phone call or a message on our page, we can start making things happen. The first step is knowing why you need event planning in Ibiza in the first place—is it a wedding, a cocktail party, a book launch or a birthday bash? Just let us know and we’ll take it from there. And don’t forget to have your guest list ready, as well as the period when you would like the event to be held.

Event Planning from A to Z

Now you have the perfect place to hold an event, but what about everything else? Ibiza might be magnificent with its views and scenery, but you still need the rest to come along nicely into the perfect event. First of all, we will make sure we have the ideal setting for you and your guests; be it out in the open or in a cozy coffee shop, the best fit is there—we just need to find it. Then comes the decorating—if any—and taking care of the sound; we have never heard of an event held without a good sound system, have you? After props and lights are in place, we’ll get the best catering samples to choose from, or even a personal chef who can cook on the spot for a small gathering. Nothing says “incredible event” like great food! And don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about drinks—we can have anything your heart desires at the bar, even a mixologist. After all, we all love a good cocktail now and then! Last, but not least, let’s not forget about the professional team of waiters that will take care of your guests; your special day—or night—will stay clear of unwanted surprises. More than that, your guests will be brought to the event by our fancy chauffeurs and taken back to their place in the same comfort they arrived.

Cleaning Up

Your event has ended and now comes the part everyone dreads to face—cleaning up. But you don’t have to worry about that! Seems like, with Ibifast, you can enjoy your event and leave the cleaning up to us. Yes, it’s that simple! Our specialized team will take care of any loose ends. All you have to do is go get some rest and prepare for great feedback from your guests. And don’t worry, they loved it!

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