October in Ibiza

Even though summer is long over, we can’t say the same about the partying going on in October in Ibiza. Also, is the weather helps—and it usually does—you will have lots of fun outdoors; take it all in this October! Whether you visit the hidden nooks and crannies of the island or attend a closing

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Ibiza events

Ibiza Events – Part II

Now that autumn is in, the island awaits with a series of new Ibiza events; whether you plan on relaxing or having wild fun, there is still time for both on the island that never sleeps. Ibiza Events – Autumn September September sets the stage for two festivals in Ibiza. If you are a jazz enthusiast,

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Paella – The Best Ibiza Meal

Nothing says “Ibiza” more than a deeply flavored paella you can enjoy with your friends after a long hot day at the beach, or at lunch, following a night of hard clubbing. What Is Paella? For those of you who never had this dish before, it is absolutely a must have on the island. It’s

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Ibiza Season Events – Part I

If you plan on spending your vacation on the island, you simply have to know all the Ibiza season events. Attending these is a must, so get you dancing shoes ready and make a go-to list! Ibiza Season Events – Summer June With the season kick-off come the long awaited opening nights of all the

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Ibiza for Kids

Yes, there is a part of Ibiza for kids out there. Many of you imagine this island can only be enjoyable to singles or your couples, but it’s not. Children can enjoy themselves while on the island and a family vacation here would totally rock your world! Not to mention your kids will be bursting

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