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If you need a caterer or anything having to do with catering in Ibiza, we can help. Have questions? Please call us or use our contact form. We would love to hear from you.

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Food Service and Event Staffing

Our chefs craft a menu for you and your guests. While we have an extensive menu, we often create menus specifically for a client. We take into consideration dietary sensitivities, preferences and event specific needs.
– Menu creation
– Serving staff and on-site chefs
– Setup and clean up


Drop and Go Catering: Just the food

Handling all the details yourself? Great! We consult with you on your needs and if required we craft a unique menu for your event. Whether you need food for 20 people or 200, we can deliver to any location in Ibiza area.

Whether you wish to marry on a beautiful sandy white beach while the sun sets or a white-washed Church nestled on a hill top, perhaps you would prefer to receive a spiritual blessing on a luxury yacht as the sun melts into the Mediterranean or exchange your vows beside a pool scattered with rose petals at a beautiful country hotel, there are many choices on offer and we are confident that there is something to suit you perfectly.

You may also have decided to renew your vows and if this is the case, we will ensure that the experience is as memorable as the first time.
Same sex couples will be pleased to learn that same sex marriages are legal under Spanish law. We are personally delighted to offer the full extent of Ibiza Wedding services to all couples both heterosexual and same sex. Those who are familiar with this beautiful island will already be aware that we are a welcoming and open-minded community and our visitors are highly unlikely to encounter prejudice of any kind.

A wedding in Ibiza combines the best of what the island has to offer; stunning scenery, beautiful churches, breathtaking venues for the celebration in Ibiza , delicious local food, warm and welcoming people and a sense of energy, renewal and spirituality that becomes apparent to the majority of those who visit. This is Ibiza as it really is- the island where anything can and usually does happen…

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