Ibiza’s Nooks and Crannies

Ibiza’s Nooks and Crannies

While everyone loves Ibiza for the obvious reasons, nature enthusiasts like to spend their time exploring the hidden part of the island, especially the coastline. After all, who wouldn’t want to find a remote place where they can spend a lovely afternoon swimming and tanning in peace? Check out these perfect spots for your next holiday in Ibiza, and come here prepared.

The hidden coves of Ibiza

Cala Codolar is one of those places you only find in books! The beauty of its fine, sandy beach and blue waters is only surpassed by the kindness of the locals working at the bar nearby. Here, you can spend a lovely day together with friends or family, grab something to eat and relax all day in the sun. Cala Codolar is perfect for workaholics trying to disconnect from their everyday life while on vacation. You won’t find a quieter place than this! The cove is right before Platges de Comte, on the coast of Sant Josep.

Cala Llentrisca is a half stone half sand isolated cove, inhabited by several boat houses owners and rather cut from the outside world. There’s no bar or beach club here, so if you think about spending the day here, grab some food and drinks. Soon enough, you’ll be surrounded by everything wild, that’s if you manage to get to the actual cove. If you are driving here, you need to know that the last portion of the road can only be taken on foot, so that’s a challenge right there! You can find the road in Es Cubells, right past the path leading to Ses Boques. Ask people for directions if you don’t have a map of the island!

The small hidden cove of Cala Truja draws half of its beauty from the fishermen huts scattered around, making you think you are in a siren fairytale! Everything is wild and peaceful here, and, again, you won’t be catered to in any way. Better prepare some sandwiches and grab a few bottles of sparkling water to take with if you want to spend your day here. A rather perfect spot to meditate, sunbathe and even take an afternoon nap, why not? You can find Cala Truja right between Cala d’Hort and Cala Carbo.

With an unusual mix of sand, stone and gravel, Cala Moi rarely gets crowded with tourists, which is good news for visitors who want came to Ibiza looking for some peace and quiet. Unlike in some other coves around, in Cala Moi you can find a restaurant for your food and drinks needs. The waters are very clean and people come here to practice diving and snorkeling. The cove is just past Cala Tarida, you simply cannot miss it.

Now that you have some insight on Ibiza’s most remote coves, which one rings your bell? Is it an extremely wild one, where you can also have a picnic, or are you more into a modern spot?


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