Adventure and Extreme Sports in Ibiza

Adventure and Extreme Sports in Ibiza

While some may come to the island to party and disconnect from their daily routine, there are a few of us looking for adventure and extreme sports in Ibiza. After all, a holiday must be exciting and give you tons of great memories to go by all year, isn’t that right?

Extreme Sports in Ibiza

There are a lot of extreme sports to choose from, starting soft and going to real extremes as you dig deeper to find the true adrenaline rush keepers. Just ask around and you are bound to find some interesting treats for your wild side. They’ll get your blood pumping and you’ll have a lot of stories to tell back at the office! Just try and be careful—while we encourage adventures, it’s best to keep in mind all safety tips given to you on the spot and if you have any condition preventing you to try extreme sports, just stick to partying. Better safe than sorry!

Ibiza Flyboarding

This is maybe the easiest-to-learn extreme sport you can find on the island, and it’s lots of fun as well! The jet propellers can make you fly or dive—it’s up to you if you choose to be a bird or a fish—and it’s truly a thrilling experience. You’ll surely remember this a long time after your tan is gone, and you can get your picture taken while going at it. And don’t worry about experience, flyboarding requires none.

Windsurfing in Ibiza

If you’re into surfing, windsurfing or even kitesurfing is pretty popular in Ibiza. Why it’s considered extreme? Well, the sharp reefs and cliffs that can be found underneath the waves can seriously hurt surfers if they’re unlucky enough or the winds are against them. But if the day is fine, the water warm and the waves just the way you like them, surfing in the Mediterranean Sea can be a real treat! And if you’re not sure about adventuring in high waters yet, you can always try your luck on Flowrider’s artificial waves. Many have learned how to surf there and it’s really fun, with all the background music and entertainment available around.

Parasailing Ibiza

We can safely say parasailing is the most spectacular activity you can engage in while on holiday on the island. You literally have to hang in there, sit back and relax—the boat and the chute will do everything for you. You can even take off together with a friend and enjoy the heights together. What can be more relaxing than admiring the magnificent Ibiza sunset from above?

Mountain Biking on Ibiza’s Forgotten Trails

To get a chance to really explore the island, it’s a must to go mountain biking at least once. Yes, it can be tricky and going off the beaten trail can be risky, but the rewards are to die for! You can’t even imagine the hidden spots you can discover while going mountain biking with a group or by yourself if you’re more of a loner. Just grab a couple of sandwiches in your backpack, be sure your head, hands and knees are protected and hit the road!

Ibiza Air Zone

Probably the most fun—and funny—activities out there, all the things you can do in Air Zone include huge plastic balls. You can roll in them, whirl in them, play with them, anything you can think of; all this while filming or taking pictures of your extremely hilarious expression. Air Zone Ibiza is a good place to hang with your friends, so why not give it a try?

Ibiza Slingshot

Going extreme as it can be, getting into the slingshot is fairly scary and great at dragging that last drop of adrenaline from your body. Just a tip: don’t do it alone. It always helps to have a friend next to you, who’ll surely go through the same ups and downs—literally—as you. This experience can also be recorded and sent to your loved ones. It’ll be fun!

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